Charlie in Central Park

In early October, Charlie and I tagged along with Michael on a work trip to NYC. My friend Courtney met up with us there to hang out with Charlie and me. She took some pictures of us during a couple different walks through Central Park, which was a real blessing since we don't often get many pictures together. 

It was Charlie's first time riding a carousel. He wanted to go on it again so badly. I did, too.

Don't his jeans make him look so grown up? 


These pictures of him in the swing are some of my favorites I've taken in a long time. 

Garden Maternity | Jacksonville Maternity Photography

My dear friend Sarah delivered her baby boy yesterday afternoon. Her little family has been an incredible blessing of friendship to mine and we are so happy for them! The arrival of her second son yesterday reminded me that I never shared the images from the maternity session here, which we photographed in June. I've now known Sarah through two of her pregnancies and she's been stunning amidst and between. This session was featured on Little Peanut Mag.   

A Sunday Kind of Love | Jacksonville Engagement Session

I do believe that this was the very first morning session I've photographed - and the early light could not have been more perfect. My brother (who I still can't believe is getting married!) drove up for a visit with his fiancée, Haley. On the night they arrived we tried to capture a few photo memories of this season of their engagement, but a thunderstorm got the better part of the evening. So, early the next morning on Sunday, we set out again with only a half hour or so of time, which seemed to be just enough to capture all the loveliness in the air.     

Day Trip to Washington Oaks State Park

Earlier this summer, our family of three took a trip to Washington Oaks State Park. It is an easy one and a half hour drive from where we live. Two very different worlds seem to meet in Washington Oaks. In one area there are grand, swooping oak trees with moss dangling from the branches and meadowy patches of grass. Then, not far from there is the beach, speckled with coquina rocks and little pools of water. I'd love to venture back to this place when the coolness of autumn sets in.