The Very, Very Best Oatmeal by The Faux Martha

Let me tell you about the breakfast I can't stop making. It's oatmeal. Not the soggy, sad, lifeless oatmeal of your soon-to-be past, but glorious, want-it-every-morning oatmeal. It's toasted then steamed. I think I have made it every morning, for the last seven mornings. And like Melissa from The Faux Martha, I can't believe I am saying all of this, because the oatmeal I used to know was terrible and not tempting in the least. 

The Very Very Best Oatmeal 2.jpg
Images by The Faux Martha

Images by The Faux Martha

Instead of sloppily repeating her perfectly composed post, I'm just going to send you on over to The Faux Martha now to get the recipe, which I followed exactly as she has it. Toppings are completely up to you, though. My favorites are bananas, almond slices, and maple syrup. 

Let me know if you try it...and if it changes your (morning) life as much as it has changed mine!