My Mother-in-Law

Mother-in-law. That seems like such a cold title for someone who is so warm, kind, and full of love.

My Mother-in-law

We spent this past weekend at Michael's parents home. Terri, his mom, gave us rest by preparing wonderful meals and happily entertaining Charlie while we snuck out for a couple of afternoon dates. Before we come to town, she goes to the store and snatches up anything labeled organic and asks what we would like her to make for dinner. Then, when we leave, she packs our car with all the remaining food in her house, as if our journey home were fifteen hours, not five. Always giving and giving. 

I am glad and so very thankful that the general clichés regarding in-laws could not be any further from the truth for our relationship. Since their only overbearing quality is their generosity, and the only thing she's forced me to do is wear a coat when I didn't want to, I feel grateful.