Why I Started A Blog

I was talking to a friend yesterday who began sharing with me that she had thought about creating a blog. She was listing all the reasons keeping her from it, which included "everyone already has one!" and "nobody would even read it!" I encouraged her, explaining why I consider those to be silly reasons, and began to think about why it is I started a blog. 

Why I Started A Blog

As a Creative Outlet

This, I believe, is the number one reason blogs are started. A need to create. A need to focus on making something outside of your daily routine. For me, I have the blessing of being able to work inside of the home as a mother, spending the majority of my time taking care of my son. I hope that I never lose sight of what an immense privilege that is. However, after I change a diaper for the 10th time during any given day, I feel I need a creative outlet. To bake. To look through my camera lens. To write. Since starting a blog, I find that I look at daily life with a little more expectancy, because there is usually something beautiful to be found and shared if I watch for it. 

As a Way to Connect With Others 

I don't mean to sound pitiful, but another thing that prompted this blog was sheer loneliness. 
When I used to live in St. Petersburg (my hometown), I would see a number of girlfriends and family several times a week. During that time, if I had come across something cool, or funny, or helpful, I could share it that same day with someone who would have the same interest in it as I did. I could simply pop open my laptop and scroll through vacation pictures with my friends peering over my shoulder. Not so anymore - and that's ok! I have this blog as a way to share my thoughts and discoveries with my dear friends and family back home, and hopefully it allows me to connect with new friends as well. Blogging lets me air out the thoughts spinning in my head which otherwise re-circulate one too many times. 

As a Record for My Family

I have always been the well-intentioned person resolving to start a journal with each new year, and then when it hadn't happened yet, with each new birthday. I'm not sure why I could never get into a rhythm of journaling. However, I am happy to say that, in a way, this blog fills that void. Though I don't share the nitty gritty details of everyday life on these pages, what I do write is expressive of my heart, and I feel that landmarks time. Trips we take, our birthdays, the food we are enjoying, the movies we are laughing at - all of it is it's own sort of documentation. All of this is why I am not too concerned that there are a zillion blogs out there to be read...none of them are recording my family or my feelings, except for mine! And if no one reads my blog, I can pretend that this really is my journal that I am still hiding under the mattress.

It's important for me to remember why it is I began this blog. As long as it remains fun and helps serve the aforementioned purposes, I will continue to share here on these pages.