Pretty Things | Bobbie Burgers

I recently came across some of the most beautiful art I've ever laid eyes on. Bold and breathtaking, these vibrant canvases were painted by Canadian artist Bobbie Burgers.

Aren't they incredible, and so full of emotion? In an interview with House and Home, I love this advice Bobbie gives on buying and displaying art in your home:

Choose artwork that you will savour for your lifetime; a painting is also one of the few things left in the world that is truly unique and one-of-a-kind.

One gets used to large-scale [works of art] very quickly. A piece of art is an investment that you have for a long time, like a designer piece of clothing. A large-scale replaces 50 nicknacks, vases, small frames, and other small decor pieces. It makes a statement, but more importantly, you build a relationship with it.

I often think that people with the best sense of style will wear classic pieces for years and years, until it becomes part of their personality...I have watched my mom wear a bracelet from Martha Sturdy for 30 years. It is iconic, and my mom owns that bracelet, it re-invents itself over the decades. A piece of art may move around, you may see it in different ways over the years, but it is something you will cherish and pass down.