Our Weekday Morning Routine

I love our mornings together. They are sweet and unhurried and Charlie is usually so cheerful. Our morning routine evolves gradually but seems to stay the same for a month or two. This is what it currently looks like.  

Hanna Andersson Pajamas

Around 7:30 in the morning, I am usually awakened by little grunts or chattering from Charlie. I try to linger in bed, but it isn't long before he begins to say "mama...mama...ma-MA!"
Some blessed mornings he sleeps in until 8:30, which is refreshing when it happens. 
He can hear me pattering down the stairs to say good morning and get him out of his crib, and lately he doesn't seem too concerned with actually leaving his crib once I am there. Nonetheless, I need a cup of coffee, so it's breakfast time!

Our Morning Routine

Charlie goes through phases of what he likes to eat for breakfast. For the longest time, we both ate a piece of millet & flax toast with butter and raspberry jam. That phase lasted so long that I can't even remember what he was eating before it (perhaps smoothies?). Then, suddenly one day he didn't want toast anymore. He wanted bananas. But bananas didn't last long. Now he wants yogurt, and he eats it happily while pointing at my coffee cup, exclaiming "coppee cup!"

Our Morning Routine

He likes to get comfortable and sits every which way, depending on the mood he is in. 

Indoor Fiddle Leaf Fig.jpg

After we finish, I almost invariably reheat my coffee or make a new cup while he plays contentedly in the couch cushions or with toys.  

We've been getting out for walks more and more, which for some reason is a real challenge to me, but I do it because it's good for us and Charlie never seems so pleased as when he is outside. Morning is the only reasonable time for a walk during the summer..

Our Morning Routine 10.jpg

Then we walk back home and it's time for a little lunch or his mid-day nap, whichever seems most needed first. Our afternoons vary pretty greatly but then we settle into our evening routine come dinner time. Perhaps I'll share on that another day.