Link Love No. 4

Fun things from around the internet. Read at your lunch-break/coffee-sipping/baby's-napping-leisure!

(Can you tell I'm not very chatty today? Sorry about that. This past week was rough, as the three of us came down with another cold. But this week is going to be a good one, I can feel it ;)

1. One day I am going to throw a party that is picture perfect, and it will have been inspired by this little girl's birthday.

2. Change your part, change your life! Or something like that.

3. Don't throw away those cauliflower leaves!

4. 10 Biggest Face Washing Mistakes. Number ten is probably where I go wrong most often.

5. How to Brew Your Best Cup of Tea

6. Is there something Reese Witherspoon does wrong?

7. Let's just all live in a bubble, sheesh!

8. This made me laugh.