Link Love No. 2

Happy Monday (even though it's almost over)! How was your weekend? My best friend & her husband came for a visit. I cooked them some vegan food (since that's their thing), we drank lots of coffee, walked on the beach, talked until we were sleepy, and had an overall great time. 

Here is my second round-up of links around the web. Make a cup of tea and enjoy!

1. Turn your phone into a disposable camera. A neat concept, but a bit pricey.

2. Yoga for your face!

3. FREE & NATIVE health and beauty recommendations. Definitely interested in thick, glossy hair, so I'm thinking I will give Stinging Nettle Leaf tea a try.

4. Earl Grey Chocolate Chip Cookies. Will be making SOON!

5. Write like Hemingway.

6. How to be a better baker - tips from one of the best!

7. Coconut Citrus Sunshine Smoothie. Smoothies have all started to look the same to me, except for this one. 

8. Thoughtful ways to help a new mother.