Jacksonville Family Photographer - The Smeltz Family

Before having a family of my own, I did not enjoy photographing families. That's just the plain honest truth. Family sessions are usually a bit chaotic, a little out of control...with a dash of crazy sprinkled in there. For some reason I can just handle it better now that I have my own babe. The chaos doesn't phase me as much because my life has those crazy-go-nuts moments.
I think, though, that the real reason I enjoy these sessions now is because I know how much photographs of my family mean to me. Sure, almost nothing will go right and the kids could behave terribly, but it is so special to chronicle your family just as you all are, right in this moment. 

Brie, Dave, Finn, and Vera are very dear to my heart and it was a joy to spend this time with them!   

I just love Finn's expression here!

p.s. Didn't Brie do a wonderful job picking out their fun, colorful outfits? Loved them!