How Motherhood Has Changed Me - Part One

Yesterday as I was making myself a cup of tea and enjoying a few moments of quiet while the little guy was asleep, I thought about taking the time to write down a few ways in which being a mother has changed things for the better.

What brought this to mind was the very fact that I was so enjoying my cup of tea, and I thought to myself, I don't think I've ever enjoyed these small things (such as sitting down with tea in hand) as much as I do now. Maybe it sounds cliche - that it's the little things - but it has never been "the little things in life" as much as it is now that I'm a mother.

I immensely enjoy getting to shower.
Making myself breakfast. 
Having a cookie with my cup of coffee.

Everything feels so indulgent when I am able to do it, and I kind of appreciate that about this season that I am in. Sure, I could think it rather ridiculous that something like a shower should be a luxury for me rather than a given, but I like my luxurious-feeling (sometimes rushed) showers. They feel quite a bit better than my pre-motherhood showers. 

And then, of course, there are the little things with Charlie that are so special. His giggles and grunts. His appreciation for buttons and tags. His awe of the vacuum cleaner. The little things are delightful to him right now, too, and it's nice to know we kind of feel the same way.