Happy Birthday!

Today is my best friend's birthday - happy birthday, Brit!
Yesterday I was thinking about how many years we have been friends (sixteen!) and how much change we've seen through those years. One of my favorite memories I have of us is from New Year's Eve, 1999. We were sitting on my rooftop watching fireworks and counting down to the year 2000. We were so young and a bit scared and confused as to what was supposed to happen in the new millennium. Was the world ending? Computers exploding?
It didn't matter, though. I just remember feeling like it was all going to be OK as I sat there with my best friend watching the sky light up. I think we may have even squeezed each other's hands as the clock struck twelve.
And that is kind of how it's been since then - holding hands through the confusing, scary parts of life, helping each other feel like everything will be alright. Of course, there have been a ton of fun, exciting parts, too, like when she got married several weeks ago, which is where the following pictures of us were taken. 

Happy Birthday Brittany!
Justin DeMutiis Photography
Justin DeMutiis Photography
Justin DeMutiis Photography

You are the Bert to my Ernie and the Gus to my Shawn. I hope your day is even half as wonderful as you are!

Photographs were taken by the incredibly talented Justin DeMutiis.