Found: The Perfect White Button Down

For years I have wanted a simple white button-down shirt, but all I have ever come across are shirts that are too stiff or shirts with sleeves that don't roll up nicely or shirts made out of polyester (which is the bane of my existence).

That is, until a couple of weeks ago.
I was walking through Anthropologie, with the most innocent of intentions (not planning on buying anything, just browsing!) and then there it was. The Perfect White Button Down. It was love at first sight but I tried it on to confirm its perfection. 

The picture just doesn't do it justice. 
And she doesn't look nearly as happy as she should while wearing a really great shirt. 

I was given an Anthro gift card for Christmas and I decided it was the time to use it. Otherwise I would have spent it slowly over the course of the year on little odds and ends from their clearance section, never really knowing what I used it on.

A nice white button down shirt feels so classic and timeless. I think I will wear this one for years to come.