Favorite Jacksonville Places | Community Loaves

Over this past year, there are some places I've discovered in Jacksonville that have really become favorites. A favorite coffee shop, a favorite place for brunch, a favorite lunch spot, and so on. This post will be the first in an ongoing series on Jacksonville favorites, so if you ever visit, you'll know where to stop!

Today I'm sharing with you my favorite little bakery & bread shop, Community Loaves. I first heard of Community Loaves by seeing their bread for sale at the local health food store. They make organic sourdough bread, in varieties such as Olive Thyme and Rosemary Garlic. Their bread is the reason I still make soup in the summer!

If you follow me on Instagram, you have probably seen me post several pictures from my visits there. The Community Loaves shop and food is always so photogenic, I usually take a picture or two with my phone. 

When we go for brunch on the weekends, I get their bagel, egg, and cheese sandwich, and Michael usually gets avocado sea salt toast. 

I don't know what magic they do to their coffee but it's my favorite cup in Jacksonville. Sure, there are other places I love to get a fancy schmancy latte, but when it comes to just a plain cup of coffee, Community Loaves has it right. Plus they serve it in cute, locally made pottery.

In the above photo, that was a piece of peach pie. I wanted to take a picture of it, but my appetite was obviously calling the shots. Community Loaves makes some really delicious sweets, such as sea salt chocolate rye cookies, vanilla candied ginger cookies, seasonal pies, and brownies. Yes, the chocolate cookies are my favorite. 

The girls who own the shop are so very kind and their sweet conversation adds a pleasantness to our visits. Lately their oven has been on the fritz, so they began a Kickstarter project. It was fully funded and now they are able to purchase a new one!

I recently signed up to spend a day with them in the kitchen sometime this year, baking bread with an apron on and everything! I'm really excited.

                       My Grammy visited us last week and we had lunch at Community Loaves. Such a fun time.