Favorite French Movies

If I could push a button and be fluent in one other language, it would be French. There's just something about it. Once, when I was in Paris, it was raining and I ran into a dingy cafe near Notre Dame. I wanted a cappuccino and did not know how to ask for it in French, so I asked the server "Parlez-vous anglais?" He repeated my question back to me in a high-pitched, girly voice (obviously mocking me). I felt slightly offended but isn't being snubbed a quintessential part of a trip to Paris? Anyways, rude or not, I love all things French, especially their sense of humor.

Here are four of my favorite French movies, all of them are feel-good and are sure to make you laugh - maybe you'll even learn a word or two!

Romantics Anonymous

1. Intouchables is based on the true story of a wealthy quadriplegic man in need of a companion/caretaker. He is difficult to please but winds up finding a friend in the most unlikely of people. This movie is funny and heartwarming.  

2. L'arnacoeur (Heartbreaker) had me laughing hysterically all the way through. It is about a guy who is available for hire to break up couples. He winds up falling in love with a women who is in a relationship he is supposed to split. 

3. Populaire (Popular) has an unusual plot (but it seems most French films do). Set in the late 1950's, a single, middle-aged business man hires a young girl from a small village to be his secretary. She is terrible at her job except for the fact that she can type exceedingly fast. He helps refine her skill and enters her into speed-typing competitions. This movie is ridiculous, humorous, and sweet.

4. Les Emotifs Anonymes (Romantics Anonymous) may just be my absolute favorite. We watched this on my birthday last year and I am thinking that I would like to do the same this year. I was falling over, cracking up, my sides aching with laughter. Two chocolate makers fall in love with each other but are barely able to overcome their pathological shyness. I don't know why, but it is always so darling to watch two very timid people fall in love.

All of these movies were available on Netflix at one time or another, so if you have a Netflix account, check there first!

Disclaimer: As is usually expected, all of these movies have quick moments of inappropriate behavior or dialogue. Feel free to fast-forward, mute, and look away!