Creativity and What People Think

I read the following quote by Kristen Wiig a few weeks ago and since then have found myself saying these words to myself over and over again. 

"If you're creating anything at all, it's really dangerous to care about what people think."

I almost didn't start this blog because I was worried about people thinking it is stupid or frivolous.

I almost didn't stop to take one of my favorite photographs because I cared about looking like a tacky tourist with a Canon camera.

I serve soup and bread almost every time we entertain because I am afraid of making anything else and it not turning out good enough for our guests. 

Fear. Of not being good enough. Of people not approving. More than ever I am realizing how crippled I am by caring about how I am perceived, or what I have created is perceived. It could be called a number of things. Lack of confidence. Pride. A fear of failure. Whatever you call it, whatever I call it - it must be recognized and actively said "no" to in order to live a creative, giving life. 

It's a real struggle for me. To make chicken pot pie from scratch for our dinner guests instead of minestrone. To click "publish" on this blog post. To press the camera shutter-release button when it might look like I am not taking a very good picture. But I feel there are so many wonderful things to be created and made if I can untie the knots in my stomach when I try to begin. The results of working through the struggle are worth it.

(Now cue the song "Unwritten" by Natasha Bedingfield..."RELEASE YOUR INHIBITIONNNNSSS!" ...or don't, because that is a really burdensome song to have stuck in one's head)

Does a care for what other people think keep you from doing something or living creatively? If so, what are those things? (Go do them!)