Charlie, Lately

It has been a while since I've dedicated a post to my little bud, and since he is 14 months old tomorrow (!) I thought I would share what he's been up to.

Charlie is really beginning to interact and have likes and dislikes. That means he is a lot of fun and also sometimes more difficult to care for. He's opening all the cabinets and climbing all the things (including me).

Here are some recent things he's been doing and liking:

  • Points at everything
  • Says "mama" (just in time for mother's day!)
  • Can climb our stair case
  • Stands up on his own + has even taken a step or two at a time
  • Finds little patches of sunlight on the floor during the afternoon, which have leaked through various windows, and plays near them
  • Is ticklish under his arms
  • Sways back and forth to music
  • Opens a cabinet, puts an item inside, closes cabinet, then opens it again to take item out
  • Loves to drink my smoothies
  • When asked for a kiss, will lean his forehead towards you
  • Enjoys nothing more than being read to, book after book

There is something about Charlie that causes strangers and people we've only just met to exclaim "oh, he is so special! I love him!" I mean, I think he is special and I love him, but I never expected to have so many people unattached and unrelated to us proclaim these things. Maybe it's because of how affectionate he is; Charlie will throw his arms around your neck and snuggle right into your shoulder as if he's known you forever. I do love that about him.