Charlie Is One!

This past Friday was Charlie's first birthday! He ate a little ice cream and we gave him books because he seems most content when he is sitting in my lap being read to.
The first six months of his life seemed to pass slowly & sweetly. The last six months have gone by more like a whirlwind, and all of a sudden, in just this past week, he looks less like a baby and so much more like a little boy.

Charlie is one

There are a lot of feelings to feel, I think, when looking back on one's first year of motherhood. I feel grateful, relieved, accomplished, and happy. It was a year filled with so many wonderful moments. So many overwhelming moments. So much joy. So much unsurety. Too many sleepless nights. Too many diapers. A lot of firsts. There were countless times I thought "I can't, I just can't  give anymore of myself,  I'm spent" but then somehow did what I thought I didn't have the strength for. Because of this, I feel I have grown more this past year than I have in all the other years of my life combined. 

Charlie is happy almost all of the time. His favorite thing is to be held and snuggled and he isn't really particular about who it is doing those things. He is social; he stares at strangers until making eye contact and then bursts into smiles. He loves to eat and places food in his mouth with his left hand. He is silly and likes to sit up on our bed and fall backwards over and over again because it makes us laugh. His favorite color is red and I know this because I always find he picks up the red blocks first and separates them from the rest. He says "dada" and seems to say "hi" to me when I come to get him out of his crib in the morning. He loves to watch me vacuum but gets upset if he can't see the vacuum cleaner while it is running. When Michael arrives home from work, Charlie frantically crawls to him as fast as he can. 
Basically, this kid is every good thing we could have imagined him being and we love him to pieces. It wells up inside of us and makes us exclaim that we could squeeze him til he pops.

Happy birthday, Charlie!

p.s. I captured the above photo one afternoon when I had taken everything off of our coffee table in order to clean it. Charlie crawled underneath and out the other side so he could touch the plant.