Charlie Lately no. 2

Charlie is growing up before our very eyes and we want to freeze him exactly how he is right now (minus the recent bought of sleepless nights and skipped naps). It has been a while since I've written down all that he is doing and it had also been a while since I unloaded pictures from my camera. So here are some cute little peaks of him playing in blankets and laying on pillows - his favorite thing!  


There is a lot I want to remember about him right now, so this is a rather extensive list. If you're not a grandparent reading, feel free to skip : )

Charlie, Age 22 months

  • He asks us to sing for nap time and bed time
  • Points out ovals and circles all around town (he knows all of his shapes! he'll see the moon and say "half-circle!")
  • Loves flowers and insists on smelling and holding one when he sees it
  • Calls carrots “honey” for some reason (my theory is that honey rhymes with bunny and bunnies eat carrots, as he sees in one of his books)
  • Opens the refrigerator and looks for things he wants to eat
  • Climbs up into his highchair on his own (has been doing this for several months)
  • Loves watching Curious George
  • His favorite book is “My ABC of God Loves Me” and he even asks us to read it to him in the middle of the night
  • Tries counting and often recites numbers in correct order; he counts objects, “one ball, two balls!”
  • Sings most of the ABC song correctly
  • Asks to go visit our next door neighbors Robert and Virginia (he says “Robert” and “Ginia”)
  • Loves playing in the courtyard, digging in the dirt, kicking a ball, but mostly just finding acorns and dropping them through the grate of the storm drain
  • He gets his shoes out of his room and asks to go outside
  • Sleeps really deeply during his naps which means I can finally let him fall asleep in the car and transfer him to his crib successfully
  • Is talking so much I can’t even keep up with a list of all he says
  • Is putting words together, such as “Mommy’s shoes," “Daddy’s coffee,” "Found it!," and "Where are you?"
  • Often asks for his Grammie and Pop Pop and his Nona and Papa. He’ll say their names and then ask to “see them?” Breaks my heart!
  • Holds out his hand for ours and says “hand” and then leads us wherever it is he is wanting to go
  • Enjoys eating tomatoes, eggs, yogurt, and pickles & enjoys drinking smoothies and coconut water