Baby Essentials

Baby Essentials

As with all things on this list, I did not register for these but a friend gave them to me, saying they worked great for her son. At first I wasn’t sure I would use them, but soon after Charlie was born I almost bought more. I had only planned to used the Aden + Anais Swaddles (which are fantastic and useful for so much more than just swaddling) but no matter how many tutorials I watched on how to properly swaddle, Charlie could always wiggle his way out (we started calling him Houdini). So these velcro swaddles added a great second layer that helped him stay bundled up and warm.

I had some minor issues getting Charlie to properly nurse. I was sore and a bit worn out but these were a life-saver (read: nipple saver). The only downside to using a nipple shield was that Charlie became a little too dependent on it. He was eating great, but for a couple months, he wouldn’t nurse without it. This was a hassle for a number of reasons, mainly because I had to clean it constantly to make sure it was ready to use. Eventually I was able to wean him from needing it and I think his latch is better for having used it. You won’t regret having one of these on hand, because you will get weary and sore, but one of these will make it better.


 I will be singing the praises of this book for as long as it helps me sleep 7+ hours each night, which so far has been since Charlie was only 2 weeks old. Truly, put that 50th cute onesie back and purchase this instead. It will be the best $15.95 you have ever spent. I never planned to put my baby on a schedule. In fact, I really didn’t read any baby books regarding sleeping and basic baby care while pregnant. However, the day I came home from the hospital I think that I read this book cover to cover (it’s a thin, easy read) and decided I would do my best to stick to the schedules and suggestions that the writers, two pediatric nurses, suggest. Even if you read this book and loosely use their schedules as a routine, I am sure you will be helped.

4. Noisli White Noise App

White noise is recommended by Mom’s on Call and although they have a favorite machine, I searched for an app that would play white noise. I wanted to be able to use my phone while traveling instead of carrying an extra device that requires an outlet. I tried a couple different applications, but Noisli is by far my favorite. It allows you to combine various sounds and save your selections as a preset. So I have my favorite combination of noises saved as “Charlie” and I can turn it on without fiddling with a bunch of different settings. Noisli is pretty to look at, a breeze to use, and is only $1.99.