My Favorite Posts from One Year of Blogging

The first day of August marked one year since I pressed publish on my first blog post! Although posting has rarely been as consistent as I would like, I must say that I am so pleased that I am still here, tending to this space one year later. I've only once kept a journal for as long, and that was because I was sixteen and there was so much boy drama going on, my head may have actually fallen off had I not been writing it down to keep it all straight.
Anyways! Thank you to everyone who keeps coming back here to read my posts and connect with me. It truly means so much. I think the best compliment I've received from a reader (ok, fine, it was my sister) was this: "whenever I'm having a bad day, I hope you share a new post because it really brightens my day." Isn't that sweet? Thanks, sister! 
Below are my favorite posts from my first year of blogging (in no particular order). If you're new here (hi!) or would like to take a trip down memory lane, just click on each image to be taken to the respective post.

It Takes A Year (my thoughts on moving to a new place)

Everyday Madewell (a style post featuring my friend Courtney modeling her favorite Madewell pieces)

Tips for Writing Thank-You Notes

Our Trip to Washington, D.C. in October

Creativity and What People Think

Living Room Refresh

Our Stay at Zero George Hotel in Charleston, South Carolina

Charlie Turned One!

Why I Started A Blog